Autohemotherapy to Treat Sports Injuries

Autohemotherapy is a controversial new treatment used to treat injuries today. While there have been a lot of positive claims about this treatment, this has not been widely accepted as a treatment procedure in the medical field.

Getting to Know the Basics of Autohemotherapy

Autohemotherapy involves removing blood from a person’s own veins and injecting this back into his or her muscle tissues. The injection sites are usually in the arms or the buttocks. The result of this method is the increase in production of the macrophages inside the body. Macrophages are considered the front line cells which are responsible for the defensive reactions inside the body. The macrophages circulate throughout the body with the sole purpose of removing foreign elements.

The macrophages eliminate bacteria, cancerous cells, and viruses. Moreover, this even eliminates fibrin which is a blood clot. The process involved in autohemotherapy results to an increase in production of macrophages in the bone marrow since the blood injected to the muscle will be identified as a foreign element, and this will be rebuffed by the RES or the Reticulo-endothelial system.

The usual rate of the macrophage levels in the blood is about 5%. When autohematherapy is initiated, the rate of macrophage levels in the blood becomes elevated up to 22% in just 5 days. After the 5th day of undergoing autohemotherapy, the rate will start to drop as the blood injected into the muscles is removed.

There are several variations of autohemotherapy types. In some medical sites, the process involves injecting freshly drawn blood only, while other medical sites claim that the blood is mixed with homeopathic substances before this is injected into the muscles. On the other hand, there are also some medical claims that involve mixing the drawn blood with a substance called Ozone before this is injected back to the muscles.

What Makes This New Treatment Interesting?

There are various claims about this treatment. Moreover, there have been testimonies about people who have undergone this treatment procedure and have experienced positive results. This method is also cheaper compared to the conventional medicines as this will typically require only a syringe for drawing and injecting the blood into the muscles. This new treatment method may just be the answer to the need of a cheap and potent cure for various types of diseases.

Autohemotherapy is associated with a safe, low cost and an immediately available treatment that can be utilized for many kinds of diseases like cancer, malaria, AIDs, and Ebola. Some sports doctors have used this method for treating sports injuries and positive healing is achieved at a much faster rate. While this treatment procedure is not yet acknowledged as an official treatment method used in the medical field, this is one promising treatment that may just be the answer to various medical problems.

If autohemotherapy sounds too risky and/or alternative to treat your upper extremity injury, you may want to touch base with a more conventional hand doctor.